About Us

Our aim is to help photographers and designers around the world improve their editing skills.

We have a passion for creativity and perfection. Our team understands that the most important time is family time. The idea of our work is to give you maximum chill time, minimum editing time.

We know the frustration of having piles of editing to do. The motivation we have comes from real life situations, trying to finish editing on time and trying to find your own style and direction.

We hope to help with all of these problems, speed up your workflow and allow you to focus time where it matters, for example, either with family, friends or gaining more clients!

With years of experience of photoshop and photography, our team has crafted several actions, presets, overlays and more for you to use to drastically save time and improve your own work.

We remember that scary leap into photoshop, being confused where to start. We have all started somewhere. That’s why we want to help. All of our released products are simple to use and come with instructions and guides. So there’s nothing stopping you editing like a pro, no matter your skill set, whether you are using our products as a hobby or professional!