Complete Actions Bundle


  • All four LightOutsideTheLines Action Sets…
  • Winter Actions, Newborn Actions, Portrait Actions and Makeup Actions.
  • Easily modified & Customized Actions
  • Easy to follow instruction guides included
  • Instant digital download

compatible with photoshop Photoshop CS3-CS6
creative cloud compatible Photoshop CC

This action set is compatible with Mac & PC.

If you want to take your photo editing to the next level, it’s time to get our complete actions bundle.

You get access to our full library of over 400 unique and easy to use actions that allow you to create professional quality photos in a click.
Crafted by our team of professionals, with years of experience, our actions help you to improve your work, find your individual style and speed up your workflow.

The Portrait Collection

Our portrait collection gives you 137 actions to help perfect your portrait photography. Whether you’re doing it for the enjoyment or the money, these actions will substantially speed up your editing time and also give you the tools that you need to easily turn a standard photograph, into something to wow your friends and clients.
Enjoy using our actions to edit skin without removing texture, make eyes pop, change the color of the hair and more. Use our toning actions to give your image a whole different impression. Paint the earth behind your subject and completely change the way it looks, paint leaves golden, red or green, give grass a sprinkle of water and make it look more healthy and change the color of water if it’s looking murky. All of this and tons more with our portrait collection actions!

The Newborn Collection

Enjoy 74 professionally constructed newborn actions from LightOutsideTheLines. The newborn photographer knows the importance of photoshop. It’s near impossible to have a session where everything goes completely perfect! Even if it does, perfecting even the tiniest imperfections is still important. Clients or friends want their newborn photoshoots to reflect the innermost beauty of their little bundles of joy. They probably don’t want to remember that smear of snot, or the red mottled skin due to the heat of the room. This is why it’s important to clean up these temporary problems.
It might not of been noticed during the session, or it might not be possible to stop it. Either way, our actions give you the tools to make every photograph flawless.
Use our skin editing actions to get that baby, soft smooth skin and reduce certain colors that shouldn’t be there. Edit the eyes and make them pop, and correct creases in the blanket.
Use our effects and matte effects to apply different styles to your photographs, and either leave them as they are or edit them to suit your own style, or even find your own style.
All of this, and much more in our newborn collection actions!

The Makeup Kit Collection

The Makeup Kit Collection contains 72 actions for you to use with models and creative photography. You no longer have to worry about finding imperfections after the shoot. Eyeliner smudged off? Use our eyeliner and mascara action. Spotty skin? Use our skin editing actions. Forgot the lipstick? Add lipstick, or change the color with our lip color actions, and also add gloss or matte. Hair looking dull? Spruce it up with our hair actions and change the color to anything you like, even turn hair white or black!
Sculpt the features of the face with our contour actions, and completely reshape what you want to!
All of this and loads more in our Makeup Kit Collection, useful for modeling and creative shoots.

The Winter Collection

The Winter Collection gives you 79 professionally designed actions to allow you to create winter wonderland scenes.
Maybe the weather wasn’t as snowy as it was supposed to be, or maybe it doesn’t snow or turn icy at all where you live. Now you can turn any grassy/summery scene into a magical winter scene.
Simply use one of our Winter Actions to run a full edit with one simple click, or use one of our Winter Scenes to add frost and snow in several different tones and colors.
Use our artistic winter tones & gradients to give your image whole different looks, with carefully selected gradients and maps using winter palettes.
Add snow with our actions that render different types of snow, and finalize your image with one of our one-click “finishing” actions.

All of this, and a whole lot more with our Winter Collection Actions.


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