How To Install Brushes Into Photoshop

Using custom photoshop brushes, alike actions, can really take your design to the next level. It can also make things a whole lot easier for the busy photographer or graphic designer.

But how do you install a brush to photoshop?

Our 4 step guide is designed to make it easy to understand how to do it.

This guide uses Google Chrome, other browsers may vary in appearance but generally, all do the same thing.

Step 1: Download Brush

First, you need to decide what brush you need. We’ll show you a brush that produces smoke as an example.

Once you’ve clicked the download button, you will notice your download appear at the bottom of the screen, like this.

If you click the arrow to the right of your download, you can choose to “Show in folder”.

This opens the folder where the file has been downloaded too and gives you quick access to the files.

Step 2: If Download Is Zipped

This is how your Photoshop actions will look if it is inside a ZIPPED file.

In order to extract your files, simply right click and select “Extract All”.

A new box will appear:

This is where you will select the destination for your files. If you leave it as it is, the files will appear in the same folder as the zipped file. Clicking “Browse” will give you the option to find another place to extract your files too.

Click Extract and wait for the folder to be extracted.

A new folder will appear with the same files inside but this time you can access them as they’re “unzipped”.

All done!

Step 3: Installing The Brush To Photoshop

There are 3 ways of installing the brush to photoshop.

1 — Make sure Photoshop is open, and simply find the ABR file you’ve just downloaded in your files, and double click it with your left mouse button.

2 — Find this logo on your photoshop screen, usually located near the top left-hand corner.

Click the drop-down arrow by the side.

Import a.k.a “Install” Brushes…

Now, find the small “cog” button on the top right hand corner of this menu, and you will get another menu pop up with lots of options. Scroll down to “import brushes”, and click.

This will open a box with your documents, and you just need to find a select the brushes you’ve downloaded and “open”.

3 — You can drag the ABR file from your documents straight into photoshop.

Step 4: Selecting A Brush Type In Photoshop

Once you’ve done one of the above methods, you can start using your brush.

Click this button again, or right-click anywhere on your image.

You’ll now notice your new brushes alongside all of the other ones you previously had in your brush palette.

Simply click on the one you wish to use and start clicking on the image in photoshop to apply it.

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