How To Load Patterns In Photoshop

Installing, importing or ‘loading’ patterns into photoshop can be a bit daunting…

Especially if you’ve gone out there on the world wide web and purchased a custom pattern in photoshop with no instruction on how to install it. *doh*

But we know how it is, and we always make sure we include detailed instructions with all our actions for photographers etc.

If you need a little help because you’re not quite sure how to load it in, our 3 steps easy guide will help you.

Step 1: Download The File

Firstly, click the download button to start downloading your photoshop pattern.

You’ll see your download appear at the bottom of the screen, like this.

If you click the arrow next to the download, you will see a small box of options.

Click on show in folder to find the file in your documents. By default, your download should be in the downloads folder on your computer.

Step 2: If Your Pattern Is In A Zipped File

If your file looks like this, it is zipped.

Right click on the file and you’ll get a drop-down menu like this.

You need to click Extract All… in order to extract the files.

You can click Extract immediately if you wish to extract the files into the same folder, or alternatively, you can click browse and select a new destination.

Now you’ll have a normal file.

Step 3: Importing The Pattern Into Photoshop

Open up photoshop. Now go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager

This will open up the Preset Manager.

As you want to import patterns, you must click the drop down menu at the top of the box and select Patterns.

Simply click Load… and find the pattern you previously downloaded.

It should be a PAT file.

Now you’ll find your pattern loaded into the pattern box.

Every time you use tools like Shapes, Gradients, Gradient maps and some others, you’ll see your downloaded patterns appear there too.

It’s easy to do once you know how, and once you learn it you probably won’t forget how. That being said it can be a little bit different for other things in photoshop such as installing actions, brushes etc. So it’s always worth checking first.

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